Product FAQs

In the present technology-driven systems, it is important to accumulate data and use it efficiently. The Visitor Management System digitizes the process of recording visitor data and interactions with the stakeholders and feeds to the next stage of the value chain. It also provides meaningful insights and reports.

VisitPlan is an application where you can provide impactful experience to organization users and visitors.  For more details, visit the Features section.

  • To enhance visitor/customer experience.
  • To maintain records of all the customers who have visited the organization.
  • To improve brand experience.
  • Our processes are ISO 9001 Certified.

VisitPlan is a product that enables to create, manage, and monitor visitors and customers to your organization. It also helps in being an integration platform for the meeting hall, cafeteria management, logistics integration, office collaboration and many more.

VisitPlan is a subscription-based application. You don’t need to install anything on your computer. You can directly access the application which is on Cloud, completely private and secure using the URL, www.visitplan.in

We offer free trial for a period of 15 days, after which you will be charged based on our pricing system. Subscription Plans

Product functionality FAQs

You can directly sign in to the application after subscribing through our portal –  www.visitplan.in and clicking on the ‘Sign In’ button provided in the navigation bar.

Once your account has been successfully created, you can log in to the system by verifying your account via the email sent to you by the system or by providing the OTP sent to your registered mobile number.

The dashboard consists of basic organization setup, user’s profile setup, visitor details, meeting requests, integration, meeting calendars and bookings.

You can click on the ‘Forgot Password’ button on the login page and reset the password using the link sent to your email or by verifying the OTP sent to your registered mobile number provided by you during the time of account creation.

Yes, e-passes are generated during visitor check-in and visitor badges can be printed using a Bluetooth printer. Appropriate hardware must be available with the company.

The number of hosts that can be added is based on the plan selected by the user. You can change or modify the plan according to your requirement whenever needed or contact us for more hosts.

Only one account can be created by the organization and account admin can add any number of users to the system. However, the number of hosts shall be limited based on the subscription plan.

Visitors can be pre-registered by accepting the meeting request raised by the organization.

Yes. Meeting agenda points can be listed in the text field or users can attach files and share with the visitors.

Visitor photo is captured during the time of check-in at the kiosk for storing in the system for identification purposes.

Application Security FAQs

VisitPlan is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and run by the AWS servers.

You can store the saved data saved for a lifetime and can also modify it according to your need, provided your paid subscription is active.

Data stored in VisitPlan is managed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and it is completely maintained by InfoCloud Technologies. Please read our privacy policy for more details.

Your data is securely encrypted. Your data always belongs to you, and you are free to request the removal of your data from these servers at any time. If the backup of data is needed, you need to pay Rs.1000 per backup.

Your information can only be accessed by you and the admin of the system.

Integration FAQs

Meeting hosts can book Uber cabs using the locations provided by the visitors to enhance visitor experience. The company can host the travel of customers visiting their organization using Uber integrations.

Each visitor to the organization will either be a customer, prospect or an employee. VisitPlan provides integration setup to Zoho CRM to create a lead.

Roles and Permissions - FAQs

Visitor requests can be raised by the hosts. Users can also request for raising meeting requests to conduct meetings only on approval of the system admin (by becoming a host)

  • Quick check-in and check-out.
  • Instant notification about meetings
  • Select preferences such as cab booking and accommodation.
  • Enhanced visitor experience
  • Reports and analytics
  • Role-based dashboard
  • Visitor approvals
  • Visitor feedback charts
  • Weekly meetings
  • Upcoming meetings
  • Bookings
  • Visit schedules
  • Minimal training staff
  • Accurate data capture
  • Ability to scale up when there are more visitors
  • Interactive User Interface for data maintenance including reports, dashboards
  • and meeting calendars.
  • Add details about the cafeteria
  • Get notified when there are requests
  • Get remainders about meetings and arrange for food and beverages
  • Add details about the meeting halls
  • Get notified when there are requests
  • Add available resources in meeting halls
  • Get notifications, reminders and much more
  • To do the basic setup of the organization
  • To add other users to the system
  • To raise meeting requests
  • To approve meetings conducted by other users
  • To add/modify resources in meeting halls and cafeteria
  • To approve preferences set by visitors such as cab booking and accommodation
  • To book cafeteria for visitors
  • For any queries you may write to us at info@visitplan.in or call us on +91-98456 82185.
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