Technology-driven meetings

Micro-details of visiting customers, meeting time and venue, attending members, meeting agenda, and finally the Minutes-of-Meeting.


Get your act together

Travel reservations and facilities, accommodation, seamless security check-in, ready meeting rooms, up-to-date meeting resources, fresh food from the cafeteria, etc.


Great customer service

Customer experience touch-points throughout the visit, to-and-fro travel, comfortable stay, seamless security check, well-planned meetings & resources, great food and business outcome.

Procedure for visitor management

VisitPlan offers unique features to handle Customer Visits. We engage the customer right from planning a visit to actually visiting the premises and getting customer feedback. We tie up internal processes for a seamless experience.

Visit-Plan key features

VisitPlan is a cloud-based web-application ensuring anywhere access with built-in security features.


Tech-driven process

The information is put in cloud storage which can be accessed from anywhere. Workflow is designed to be communicated internally and to the visitors through notifications, emails and SMSes to stay up-to-date.


Calendar & Scheduling

Plan, schedule and integrate all activities for the visit.


Seamless check-in

Informed and alert security processes. Notifications sent-to all on customer arrival

applications features

Well-cooordinated meetings and visits

Meeting attendees, meeting resources, agenda and Minutes of Meeting.


Value integrations

Uber for cab management and more to come.


Customer insights, analytics and reports

Be informed on the success of the Customer Visit through automated feedback, analytics and reports

Impress your customers with well-organized visits.

Deliver the best customer experience during their visit to your premises with technology-enabled software

What clients say about us


The VisitPlan – Visitor Management Software is one stop solution to manage meetings with the clients, making reservations, getting client feedback etc. This seemless experience, easy to use dashboard is something that I always wanted in my company.

Aditya Lokesharaj

VisitPlan has helped us in getting immediate feedback on completion of Customer Visit through feedback. Analytics has taken this to the next level altogether.

Santosh N

We have alerts and notifications at every step and it helps us stay on-track during Customer Visits. Our preparation has improved by a few notches.

Praveen R

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